Elounda Mare Hotel

Elounda Mare Hotel



The Six Senses Spa ™  provides a truly relaxing and revitalizing experience through many forms of holistic healings to balance the senses.

A wide variety of WATER ACTIVITIES to make your holiday unforgettable! There are three world-record tow boats for water skiing and wakeboarding with capable coaches who can teach you from scratch or improve your acquired skills The porto elounda GOLF CLUB hosts a Golf Academy with a PGA professional team, offering the opportunity of either learning to play golf during your holiday, or boosting your techniques. Especially for beginners, classes are arranged to maximize the knowledge acquired, even during a short stay at the resort.


Six superb culinary destinations and five unique bars create a blend of culinary experiences that will spoil your choice.  Dining under the shade of olive trees and over the Mirabello Bay with its breathtaking views is simply the hors d’oeuvre. For the main course, culinary excellence from the best national cuisines offers you an unforgettable savory voyage on every occasion. For dessert, signature cocktails are served at the water's edge, with an incredible view of the rising moon. Yacht Club is a Mediterranean restaurant on the seashore, serving seafood specialties and delicious fresh dishes under the stars. Or maybe you would like to enjoy a relaxing dinner at the Old Mill restaurant with Cretan gourmet cuisin, served in a garden setting next to the sea.The Old Mill received a "Toque d'Or" award in 2012 as one of the finest restaurants in Greece.

Weddings and Social Events

The beginning of a new life together, forever, togetherness, all start here, the most beautiful part of the Mediterranean Sea, on a platform that seems to float over the blue beneath. The beauty of Elounda, the red colors of the sunset, the tranquil waters all around, and the starry Cretan sky; this is the natural setting. The rest is up to us: a harmonious reception garden, which seems to be borne out of the landscape, with impeccable aesthetics, top-quality finishes, and a perfect technical infrastructure. The spaces, the nature and the kindness of the staff are all world-class. Many couples have been married here, in the most idyllic corner of the Mediterranean, the closest thing to perfection, romance and beauty. The professionalism, the experienced and well-trained staff, the unique style of architecture, the flavors of Crete’s top chefs, all contribute to the most heavenly wedding. Yours!

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